Ukraine Refugee Assistance Projects



Phase 4: Hospital in Lviv(2023-)>>

VAN has designed a surgical ward at Lviv Municipal Hospital. The hospital is planned to begin construction in the summer of 2024.
All parts of structure the building is made of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) produced in Ukraine, except reinforced concrete cores at the 4 corners.The building was designed in according to EU wood construction regulations to symbolize Ukraine’s aspirations to join the EU, allowing wood to be exposed inside and outside.

Phase 3: Stoves Aid to Ukraine (2022)>>

VAN sent 190 Japanese-made wood stoves to Ukraine by the end of 2022. In cooperation with Solidarity Fund PL (Poland) and Kharkiv Foundation (Ukraine), VAN distributed wood stoves to areas such as Kharkiv, where large-scale power outages continue. VAN will continue providing wood stoves.

Phase 2: Styrofoam Housing System (2022-)>>

VAN is planning to locally produce SHS(Styrofoam Housing Sytem), a panel-type housing that can be easily constructed.SHS is a housing system that can be easily assembled by non-skilled workers using light-weight panels with fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) wrapped around an extruded polystyrene foam insulation material called Styrofoam.

Phase 1: Paper Partition System (2022)>>

VAN+ Shigeru Ban Architects have been providing the Paper Partition System (PPS) for shelters of the increasing number of refugees staying in neighboring countries of Ukraine, such as Poland, France, Slovakia, and Germany.
PPS is a simple partition system made of paper tubes and cloth that can be easily set up to ensure privacy for people living in refugee shelters.