House at Hanegi Park – Vista


The site is at the top of a slight hill, on the corner of an L-shaped street. Looking back down at the hill from the site, an uncommonly long and linear passage seemed to characterize this place most. If the view of the forest of Hanegi Park could be an integral part of the home, it could evoke the feeling of living in the forest itself. The opposite view of the residential street, however, seemed to be at odds with the natural greenery of the forest. In order to distinguish the two picture windows, two completely different were needed for the opposite views. A curved framewas installed for the window to the east, facing the long and linear street, softening its stark contrast to the forest. By installing a long, horizontal window, the views framed on the eastern side were separated into the sky and the street. A sharper frame for the window facing west was intended to act as an abstract aperture, so that the forest would appear as if it had been collaged onto a wall of the house.