Tainan Art Museum

This art museum explores a building typology where the art museum and the activities of the park are not separate, but rather an integrated whole, making it possible to freely go out into the park from within the museum, or vice-versa, park visitors without noticing it enter and enjoy the museum. Various sizes of galleries that are shifted and stacked atop one another create roof tops that become interconnected park spaces, while the entrances of the museum are located in the spaces between the individual galleries. Since Tainan has strong solar gain all throughout the year, in order to create shading for the entire building, we developed “Fractal Shading”, together with Professor Satoshi Sakai of Kyoto University as a large scale metal version of his original design to shade the whole building. In addition, the existing building at the Former Tainan Police Department site is renovated and refurbished to house new gallery spaces, administration offices, and a food court. The new building with the existing building houses new gallery spaces, the collection storage spaces and a loading bay.