Nomadic Museum – Tokyo


The Nomadic Museum, a mobile exhibition hall dedicated to the photographs and video exhibitions by photographer Gregory Colbert, was built in its third city Odaiba, Tokyo. This construction involves three types of materials; locally rented materials (20 feet shipping containers), reused materials (aluminum frame and membrane material that fill the gaps between the roof and containers, wooden panels for floors, paper tube truss), and recyclable materials (paper tube columns with a length of 10m and a diameter of 74cm, wherein some locations where they can be transported by trucks, these can be reused). Containers were rented from the nearest container yard from the site during the exhibition period, so the color of the building changed in various locations, this time resulting in the most colorful scheme. The building plan took the same plan form of the Santa Monica show from the year before, where a museum shop and cinema were added in the center of two 100m lines of gallery space. Only the foundation design was different due to the local laws and regulations and a building permit is required each time, the construction period was consistent in taking roughly two months.