Temporary housing in Marrakesh


2023 Morocco Earthquake Disaster Relief

Coordination : Fayçal Tiaïba / Laberinto and Fenduq
Cooperation : National School of Architecture of Marrakech

As a response to the 2023 Morocco earthquake, Voluntary Architects’ Network (VAN) + Shigeru Ban Architects with the collaboration of National Architecture School of Marrakech built a temporary housing in Marrakech, which prototype had been built in 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake.
The housing foundation is composed of beer crates filled with sand bags, and wooden panels are used to build the walls between the paper tube columns, placed at every 1.2 meters. This enables construction to be carried out in a short period of time. The roof is made of paper tube frames and plywood decking, and large holes are cut out on the plywood to ensure safety during construction, allowing people to work from the hole instead of climbing on top of the roof.