Tiffany & Co. Palo Alto Store Façade


The simple yet elegant concept of this zig-zag facade combines the qualities of timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail representative of all that is Tiffany.

The playful combination of different materials used on either face of the vertical slats creates a transformative facade that changes depending on the passerby’s viewing angle of the storefront. The material used, American Oak, is representative of the locale in California and expresses Tiffany’s sensitivity toward environmental awareness. This design enables future facades to use specific finish materials that adapt contextually to other store locations.

The other face of the vertical slat is a narrow laminated glass with linear LED lighting embedded within, that can glow as the representations Tiffany’s colors. The lighting can be infinitely adjusted to accommodate different seasons, changing themes or campaigns. 

The design also incorporates elements of Tiffany’s new institutional design which ties this unique storefront design with other locations through the use of shared metal finish color and showcase designs.

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Photos Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.