Pavilion of Light and Sound, SHISEIDO Venice


When enveloping together a space using the minimum material and power, a tensile structure* is ideal. To cut out a space surrounded by the narrow historical facade of Palazzo Pisani, I have used acrylic sheets for the exterior of the pavilion, and allowed them to hang in a natural suspension, creating a parabola.

The first time I saw the palette of clé de peau BEAUTÉ, the dark blue colors looked to me like a tile that reflects and absorbs light. So I’ve taken this case and stuck them on both sides of the acrylic sheets, spaced in 9 mm gaps, just like tiles.

They reflect light, and make darkness in the interior and through the spaces between them, a wavering light which is characteristic of Venice, flows into the structure reflected from surface of the water functioned as a fixed weight.

When I stood in the courtyard of the Palazzo Pisani Conservatory, I heard sounds from out of nowhere. These sounds were not music per se, but rather a component of the unique environment of this space.

This is a space filled with mysterious light and shadows, and harmonious sounds. This is not makeup applied to a historical facade, but rather a method for drawing out the charm of the existing context.

*Tensile structure: A structure that maintains stability not through pressure and flexion, but instead is held together by tension.

making of “REVERBERATION — Pavilion of Light and Sound” designed by Shigeru Ban in Venice