Prototype of Paper Temporary House for Korea 


The prototype of Paper Temporary House for Korea is a simple structure with paper tubes as columns, paper honeycomb boards with hanji (Korean traditional paper) finish as modular wall panels, and paper tubes as roof structure. As all materials are lightweight and easy to handle, this house can be built even without skilled contractors or builders. Hanji has various applications, from small craftwork to door and window units, as well as interior wall and floor finishes due to its ability to control room temperature and absorb humidity. This prototype utilizes the excellent qualities of Hanji and also explores the potential of paper. 
The design also takes into consideration of easy disassembly for relocation. All parts can be dismantled easily and be rebuilt with same parts. Foundation is composed of makgeolli (Korean alcoholic drink) crates instead of steel or concrete, as using permanent materials for short period of time is neither cost-efficient nor environmentally-friendly. Also, by adding modular wall units and columns, the size of the house can be extended in plan when necessary.