Oita Prefectural Art Museum Furniture


[Tables and Chairs]
These tables can be connected by fitting in each other’s curves, and they can also be folded for storage.Two types of chairs were developed from the L-unit series and paper tubes. Both types are stackable.

This bench for Oita Prefectural Art Museum (OPAM) was designed using bamboo that originated from Oita. The legs and base are made with combinations of laminated bamboo L-angles with a sheet of tatami laid on top.

[Umbrella Stand – Hommage to Shiro Kuramata]
Even with the best designed art museums, the clutter of umbrella stands is perplexing, but in Kuramata’s umbrella stand design, a simle floating ring is supported by a single stick mimicking the end of an umbrella neck. In homage to Kuramata, a perforated transparent acrylic board supported by umbrellas becomes the stand itself. It looks natural, even on weekdays where it looks like umbrellas have just been left.