Onagawa Station


This new station has been moved 150m toward the mountain at an elevation 7m higher than before. This three-story facility contains railway services, but most of the facilities are used as a public bath facility. A lot of wood is used for the interior and exterior, and the roof structure is a curved LVL lattice covered by a membrane material. Natural light shines through the gaps in the lattice into the changing areas and bathing areas on the second floor. The tile art was done in collaboration with Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju and designer Eiji Mitooka. In the break room, it is a mural “Family Tree” that lays out a tree-shape design by Senju, of more than 900 flowers drawn by people inside and outside the town. In the bathing area, works by Senju, such as “Spiritual Mountain Fuji” and “Deer and Fountain” were printed on tiles.