Ukraine Refugee Assistance Project


VAN+ Shigeru Ban Architects provide the Paper Partition System (PPS) for shelters of the increasing number of refugees staying in neighboring countries of Ukraine. This is a simple partition system to ensure privacy for inhabitants and has been used in numerous evacuation centers in regions hit by disasters, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011), Kumamoto Earthquake (2016), Hokkaido Earthquake (2018), and torrential rain in southern Kyushu (2020).

NPO法人ボランタリー・アーキテクツ・ネットワークおよび坂茂建築設計では、ウクライナの近隣諸国へ逃れた難民が避難する施設で避難所用・紙の間仕切りシステム(Paper Partition System、以下PPS)の提供を開始しました。紙管でできたフレームに布を掛けてできるシンプルなパーティションで、災害時の避難所で生活する人々のプライバシーを確保するためのものです。これまでに、東日本大震災(2011)、熊本地震(2016)、北海道地震(2018)、九州南部豪雨(2020)など多くの災害で利用されてきました。

Voluntary Architects’ Network calls on your support in our relief.
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Ukrainian House in Przemyśl


---Hubert Trammer--- ------Dominik Pękalski------ ----Hanna Dzielińska---- WLila Kalinowska
--Tatiana Nakonieczna--- ---Jaga Hryniszyn--- ---Dane Kostin--- ------

Unitatem Foundation near Jarosław

Installation was coordinated by Hubert Trammer.

Refugee Center in Slupsk

Installation was coordinated by Hanna Dzielińska and Dominik Pękalski


---Katarzyna Dobkowska--- ------Agnieszka Wardowska-Pucułek------ ----Rafał Jeka---- Tomasz Stepnowski
--Adam Kiwior--- ---Maciej Araszkiewicz--- ---Ośrodek Sportowo--- ------

Starogard Gdański

Installation there was coordinated by Hanna Dzielińska and Dominik Pękalski


---Hanna Dzielińska--- ------Dominik Pękalski------ ----Anna Lembicz---- Jolanta Massella
--Tomasz Czaja--- ------ ------ ------

Biennale Warszawa Gallery in Warsaw

Installation there was coordinated by Dominik Pękalski


Installation there was coordinated by Oleksii Vorstikov, the architect from Re+ office.

Shelter in Lviv

Lyceum_Grono, Lviv

Gym in College, Uman

Sports School, Uman

School No.48, Lviv

School No.8, Chervonograd


Vojany Power Station - Kosice

20 units of PPS were installed at Vojany Power station in Kosice.


---Mária Benacková Rišková---
-------Ľubica Šimkovicová-------
----Creative Industry Košice,----
Asociácia Samaritánov
------Slovenskej republiky------
LAVACOM Martin Beňák -- --

Supported by


In Cooperation with Ms. Ľubica Šimkovicová, president of the Passive House Institute Slovakia and Manifest2020, official partner of the New European Bauhaus, and her team, 39 units of PPS were installed at the assistance center in Bratislava on March 27th.

スロバキアにおける支援は、New European BauhausのオフィシャルパートナーであるManifest2020とPassive House Institute Slovakiaを主宰するĽubica Šimkovicová氏の協力のもと、3月27日にブラチスラヴァの避難所に39ユニットのPPSを設置しました。


---Ľubica Šimkovicová--- Mária Benacková Rišková -------Dana Kleinert------- -----Peter Morgenstein-----
Lucia Senderáková Kateřina Tesařová Laura Zolnianska Anatolii Kliuchka
Anton Arlamov Jozef Šefčík Adam Kalina Alica Durbáková
Alžbeta Ďurecová Nora Naddourova Ilona Fedosieieva Yelyzaveta Bataron
Artem Nikipelov Yelyzaveta Frundina -- --

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Photo:Ľubica Šimkovicová


Tegel airport - Berlin

On May 4, we made a demonstration of PPS to facility operators at Tegel Airport in Berlin, temporary using as a Ukrainian refugee facility. Compared with other partitions, PPS shows its advantage in terms of usefulness and cost. We keep discussing with facility operators to install PPS to the facility.



Installation in Paris was conducted by the staff of Shigeru Ban Architects Europe and the students from École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles. 48 units were installed at Gymanse Marie Paradis in Paris 10th district and 28 units were installed at Gymnase Victor Young Perez in Paris 12th district.

パリにおける設置は、Shigeru Ban Architects Europeのスタッフとベルサイユ建築国立学校のボランティアの学生により行われ、パリ10区のGymanse Marie Paradisに計48ユニット、パリ12区のGymnase Victor Young Perezに計28ユニットのPPSを設置しました。

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- --

Gymnase Marie Paradis - Paris 10th district

Madam Mayor of Paris 10th district in the middle

Gymnase Victor Young Perez - Paris 12th district

Photo:Voluntary Architects’ Network


In cooperation with the architects, Mykhailo Schevchenko, Oleksandr Anisimov and Oleg Drozdov, in Liviv, we installed PPS at university of veterinary and sc Galychyna.

ウクライナにおける支援は建築家のMykhailo Schevchenko氏、Oleksandr Anisimov氏、Oleg Drozdov氏の協力のもと、Livivにある獣医大学、Galchyna体育館で設置を行いました。


Mykhailo Schevchenko --Oleksandr Anisimov-- -----Oleg Drozdov----- ----------------------------
------ ------ ------ ------

Supported by

1. University of Veterinary (Before)
2. University of Veterinary (After)
3. Installation at SC Galychyna
4. SC Galychyna (After)
5. SC Galychyna (After)
6. inside of PPS

1: Mykhailo Shevchenko
2: Andrii Holovchenko
3-6: Andr Golovchenko


In cooperation with a group led by a Polish architect, Hubert Trammer, a member of the New European Bauhaus – an initiative of European Commission President Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, and Jerzy Latka, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, PPS will be provided to temporary shelters in Poland.

ポーランドにおけるPPSの支援は、建築家 Hubert Trammer氏(フォンデアライエン欧州委員長のイニシアチブによるNew European Bauhausのメンバー)およびJerzy Latka氏(ヴロツワフ工科大学)らのグループによって進められています。


---Hubert Trammer--- ------Jerzy Latka------ ----Agata Jasiolek---- Weronika Abramczyk
--Hanna Dzielińska--- ---Dominik Pękalski--- ------ ------

Former Supermarket in Chelm

319 units of PPS were installed at the former supermarket in Chelm, near the Ukrainian border on March 11th. Refugees move to this facility to accommodate from March 12th. 319 units of PPS were installed by students led by Weronika Abramczyk from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology at the former supermarket in Chelm, near the Ukrainian border on March 11th. Refugees move to this facility to accommodate from March 12th.

-- マーケットに319ユニットのPPSの設置を行いました。翌12日から難民の滞在施設として利用が開始されました。

(Photo: Voluntary Architects’ Network)

Wroclaw Railway Station

60 units of PPS were installed at Wroclaw Main Railway Station by the students from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, under the supervision of arch. Agata Jasiolek on March 12th.

3月12日、ブロツワフ中央駅に60ユニットのPPSの設置が行われました。設置は建築家Agata Jasiolekを中心にブロツワフ工科大学のボランティアの学生によって行われました。

(Photo: Maciej Bujko)

Prototype at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Before we stat the installation of PPS, the prototype was assembled at Wroclaw university of science and technology. We made an adjustment of one unit with 2.3m x 2m.

PPSの設置を行う前の検証として、地元の紙管工場に発注した紙管を使ってPPSのプロトタイプが製作されました。1ユニットのサイズを2.3m x 2mとしました。

(Photo: Jerzy Latka)

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